About Laura Douglass,Ph.D.



Laura has been researching, studying and practicing yoga since 1997. Her somatic yoga classes are informed by the idea that every living being moves in the direction of health and wellbeing (called mahat in Sanskrit) when they learn to turn their attention to their present moment experience. By grounding ourselves in the sensations and perceptions of the moment, we learn to be free of our habitual thoughts and access our inner strength. Yoga is a form of disciplined inquiry.

Laura is highly influenced by her yoga teacher, Swami Satchidananda and is certified in Advanced Level Integral Hatha Yoga & Meditation; Pre and Postnatal Yoga; Yoga for the Special Child and is currently enrolled in a year long program for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. As a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, she is passionate about working with individual interests and needs. Laura has been working at a residential facility for individuals with eating disorders since 2005, where she combines her knowledge of research, mindfulness and somatic education to provide a unique form of yoga education. 

Laura is an adjunct faculty at Hindu University and at Lesley University, where she teaches the courses "Yoga: Theory, Culture and Practice,"and "The Psychology of Yoga." She also supervises graduate level research on yoga, consciousness studies and related topics through Lesley Universities Independent Studies Degree Program (lesley.edu/gsass/sdmd/sdmd_index.html). A strong believer in the power of interdisciplinary thinking, Laura's academic interests include how forms of cultural production, like yoga, change identity and engagement with mainstream learning practices.





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