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About Laura Douglass:

Laura has been researching, studying and practicing yoga since 1997. She is an adjunct faculty at Hindu University and at Lesley University, where she is also a doctoral candidate. In addition to teaching in the Social Science department and Interdisciplinary Studies program at Lesley, she integrates yoga into the treatment for women with eating disorders at a residential facility. A strong believer in the power of interdisciplinary thinking, Laura is interested in how forms of cultural production (like yoga) change identity and engagement with mainstream learning practices. Her teaching is informed by a passion for adult learning, cultural studies, and theories of embodied learning.

Editorial Positions:
  • Editor, Integral Yoga Magazine Fall 2009 Special Edition, Yoga in Education
  • Editor, Integral Yoga Magazine Fall 2008 edition, Yoga Therapy Special Edition;
  • 2009 - present. Editorial Board, International Journal of Yoga Therapy.
  • 2006 - present. Peer Reviewer, International Journal of Yoga Therapy.
  • 2003 - present. Contributing Editor, Integral Yoga Magazine

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